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Who is Beach Bunny?


From self-released EPs to landing a booking for Coachella 2020, Chicago-based band Beach Bunny has proven to be a staple of modern indie-punk. Lead singer Lili Trifilio’s songwriting expresses every emotion from love to heartbreak in every way imaginable. Whether you’re feeling angsty about society or sad about your love life, Beach Bunny has a song for every mood.

Their first few EPs “Pool Party” and “Animalism” are soft and dreamy with light acoustics and vocals, something you’d want to listen to while soaking up the springtime sun. In later works you can hear their evolution using elements of rock with a harder feel to them, perfect for raging. Their single “Prom Queen” preaches body positivity against societal expectations accompanied with some groovy guitar riffs. The band’s EP “Crybaby” has some great tunes including “Jenny” and “February”. 

After several years of production, they released their first studio album “Honeymoon” in February 2020. The album has a unique sound that’s prevalent through all their music, a wonderful fusion of punky, beachy rock. A few of my personal favorites were “Promises”, with a classic indie-rock feel, and “Rearview” for something more relaxing. Another album staple is their top song “Cloud 9” which was remade with Tegan and Sara earlier this month.

In early 2020, lead singer Lili Trifilio tweeted “I’m not saying I won’t ever write an emo song again, but 2020 is definitely the decade of diss tracks ft. criticism of humankind and anyone that thinks they can fck me over- love honeymoon but I cannot relate to her”.

She stuck to her word, and Beach Bunny released “Blame Game” this past January. This EP showcases a major shift from their emo stage into a new era of empowerment. The song titles “Sick of Love” and “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” exemplify Trifilio’s exhaustion from heartbreak, and the band’s sound develops a new energy as she sings throughout the album.

The album speaks on the objectification of women, most notably in the single “Blame Game”. In the chorus, Trifilio sings “But I guess it’s my fault my body’s fun to stare at / Sorry my clothes can’t keep your hands from grabbing.” Her lyricism and the band’s sound have evolved hand in hand throughout their discography, and it’s exciting to see where they’ll go next.

The band has a truly eccentric sound that’s worth checking out. It’s the kind of music that you can either dance or cry to, depending on your mood. If you’re looking to rage your way through heartbreak or just jam out to some empowering tunes, be sure to watch the livestreamed show on Friday, May 7. Until then, the attached playlist has some tunes to get you ready for it!

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