SCOPE Productions is the University of Iowa's Student Commission on Programming Entertainment. Based in Iowa City, SCOPE is dedicated to bringing quality concerts and entertainment to the University of Iowa campus and Iowa City Community.

As a university talent-buying group, SCOPE works as an independent and completely student-run organization. Our aim is to consistently book emerging and big-name artists in a wide variety of genres at an affordable ticket price for students and the public.

SCOPE's Mission

To serve the community by creating an engaging live music experience, while providing a learning opportunity for students interested in the music industry.


SCOPE accepts new members at the beginning of each Fall semester. We are looking for new members who are genuinely interested in learning about the music industry and willing to make the necessary time commitment.

Becoming a member of this organization is about building a community of friends around the mutual love for music, production, and promotion in a diverse and creative environment. For every member, SCOPE Productions serves as an educational opportunity, offering hands-on experience in the business of music promotion, production, hospitality, marketing, talent buying, and finance. If you would like more details, feel free to contact our offices or sign up for our mailing list.

SCOPE Productions
145 Iowa Memorial Union Iowa City, IA 52240

Show suggestions, questions about SCOPE, or inquiries about becoming a SCOPE General Committee Member can be directed to