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The University of Iowa University of Iowa
Photo of Mandy Archer (they/them)

Mandy Archer (they/them)



Norwalk, IA

Field(s) of Study

Journalism and Mass Communication, Entrepreneurship Management Certificate, and a Film Minor


Three favorite albums

This is All Yours by alt-J

Assume Form by James Blake; most likely will change to Friends That Break Your Heart (once it drops) based on his new singles for the album

Songs from the Sunroom by Field Medic or Sling by Clairo

Favorite concert experience

My favorite concert experience has to be Remo Drive, Field Medic, and Prince Daddy and the Hyenas at Gabe's. A close second was another Gabe's show with Diet Cig and Illuminati Hotties. I knew Remo Drive, but I had not heard Field Medic or the other band perform. I had been told multiple times to check out Field Medic, but I hadn't given myself the time to check out the band. Right when Kevin started playing and the concert began, I was transported. His charm and the way he carried himself, folk-fairy vibes and all, I was big in love. It was even cooler when we got to talk to him after the show and compliment him on his Instagram haikus. The Remo Drive part of the show was packed, and we began some light moshing. One of my friends even got on stage and crowd surfed! I bonked my head on a camera pretty hard, but we were both okay.

Hobbies / Interests / Fun Facts / Campus Involvement

My hobbies/interests include singing, art, and all of that stuff! I have done a few different things involving writing other than my writing for this blog, and my favorite form of writing is poetry. I have a poem published in Fools Magazine here at the university and an article published in a local magazine from my time studying abroad in Prague. One fun fact that my roommates relentlessly tease me for is the time I was able to study opera in Viterbo, Italy. I try not to brag about studying abroad anywhere, but you bring up being in a very amateur production of the Magic Flute once and now you're the annoying study abroad person.