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Photo of Liv Allen (she/her)

Liv Allen (she/her)

Talent Buyer


Des Moines IA

Field(s) of study

Interdepartmental Business Management (Arts Management)

Three favorite album

Juno by Remi Wolf

What Could Possibly Go Wrong by Dominic Fike 

Igor by Tyler, The Creator 

Favorite concert experience

My favorite concert experience was seeing Cage the Elephant when I was still a baby in high school. I couldn’t even drive yet, so I had my dad drop me off at 7 flags event center in Clive Iowa at 7am. I NEEDED to get front row center or I would simply pass away. I waited in line by myself for hours until my friend met up with me, got severely sunburnt, and risked getting kidnapped all in the hopes Matt Shultz would notice me- he didn’t. I just remember watching the line behind me grow throughout the day. By 7pm when doors opened, there were thousands of people behind me. The doors opened to an empty warehouse and I just remember looking around thinking, oh my God this is surreal. Then I realized people were running trying to get up to the front and I needed to book it myself. The concert itself was euphoric. That was the first time I took a step back and really appreciated the fact that thousands of passionate strangers all came together in one room to feel the music and vibe together. 

Hobbies / Interests / Fun Facts / Campus Involvement

I surround myself in nature whenever humanly possible. I enjoy camping, hiking, hammocking, riding my bike, kayaking and soaking up the sun. Chilling with friends and adventuring is a huge part of my life. Outside of SCOPE, I work at the Englert Theatre downtown.  There, I am the hospitality intern and work in concessions/ merchandise sales. When I am not there, I am trying to go to all the live events I can.