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Photo of Kristina Bozza

Kristina Bozza

Assistant General Manager


Naperville, Illinois

Field(s) of study


Three favorite albums

Oh boy...

Trouble Will Find Me by The National

I'm Wide Awake It's Morning by Bright Eyes

Is This It by The Strokes

Favorite concert experience

Ah! I saw The National on their 2019 tour in Chicago. While the venue was less than ideal for me personally, the experience I had there was legendary. The song "Don't Swallow the Cap" started up, and the frontman, Matt Berninger, starts jumping around and dancing on stage. He eventually made his way to the barricade and crowd, GRABBED the back of my head towards the microphone, and I got to scream the lyrics with him for a moment. Truly one of the most surreal experiences I've had. 

Hobbies / Interests / Fun Facts / Campus Involvement

Truly, I'm such a nerd with all my hobbies. I'm probably one of the biggest Legend of Zelda fans you'll ever meet. And yes, thank you for asking, Majora's Mask is the best game in the series; no further questions.