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Photo of Joey O'Kelly (he/they)

Joey O'Kelly (he/they)

General Manager


Kansas City, MO

Field(s) of study

Social Justice, Arts Entrepreneurship

Three favorite albums

This is It by The Greeting Committee

Stunning & Atrocious by Fleece

Songs by Adrianne Lenker

Favorite concert experience

Ugh, this is always such a tough question. One of the most memorable was this past November (2021), seeing Fleece and fanclubwallet at Schuba’s in Chicago, and subsequently seeing Witching Hour alumni artist Tasha. I went with fellow SCOPEr Eli Pham after having introduced her to the band over the summer and somewhat impulsively buying tickets together. The trip was one of those wonderfully chaotic ones where we hardly planned anything. We were on the drive there and still trying to figure out where we were going to sleep that night, I had about $150 in my bank account ($50 of which would later go to a Chicago parking ticket). The show was fantastic. Fleece was personable and lively, talented and fun, silly and goofy. Pham is a mastermind and, even though we didn’t make it in time for the opener, somehow weaseled us up almost to the front of the crowd. After the show, we sprinted across Chicago to get to Sleeping Village to see Tasha, in a show that was so ethereal and beautiful. It felt weirdly healing. Post-show, we ran into past SCOPErs Tommy McIlhon, Brandon Luong, and Tate Fisher, because you can’t go to Chicago without running into those SCOPE connections. It was just such a wonderful night, and it’s one I won’t soon forget.

Hobbies / Interests / Fun Facts / Campus Involvement

This is my fourth year in SCOPE and my second year as the general manager, and it has become one of my core personality traits. Other than that, I’m a barista at fix! coffee in the Chauncey downtown, and I’m constantly trying to improve my latte art game. I’m a musician and am working on a solo EP that I have given up on guessing a release date, but someday it will be out in the world - mark my words. I am a Spotify playlist aficionado so hit me up if you need a new bumpin’ playlist. I’m really good at throwing popcorn into the air and catching it in my mouth. I sneeze every time I eat anything with mint in it. I would do just about anything for a good dumpling. I have a septum ring.