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Photo of Joey O'Kelly (he/they)

Joey O'Kelly (he/they)

General Manager


Kansas City, MO 

Field(s) of study

Social Justice, Arts Entrepreneurship 


Three favorite albums

I tried to choose different ones than my SCOPE Selects, so here are 3 more picks. Consider them favorites 4, 5, and 6 -

Room 206 EP by Elah Hale

Weezer (Blue Album) by Weezer

Melophobia by Cage the Elephant 

Favorite concert experience

Once again, trying to choose a different one than the one I wrote about for my SCOPE Selects. I saw The Greeting Committee at The Truman in Kansas City for their sold-out hometown show to celebrate the release of their 2018 debut album, This is It. The openers were Rachel Mallin & the Wild Type, -- a local Kansas City band -- and an Arkansas indie band called Brother Moses. Everything about the show was perfect. The atmosphere created by the hometown, diehard fans, discovering Brother Moses and immediately falling in love, being in the front of the crowd to help Addie Sartino crowd surf, hearing the new songs from the album live for the first time, watching local femme musicians join Addie on stage to cover Gwen Stefani’s classic “Hollaback Girl” -- it just made for one of the most perfect shows I have ever been to.

Hobbies / Interests / Fun Facts / Campus Involvement

Aside from SCOPE, I’m a barista and general coffee connoisseur. I’m also a musician and am currently working on a sad-boy acoustic EP, hopefully dropping this Fall. I consider myself a Spotify playlist aficionado and have far too many, far too specific, playlists. I am very pro-olive, and I hope that you are too (this message is not sponsored by SCOPE Productions.)