Amy White



I am excited to be lucky enough to advise an organization like SCOPE Productions. I have always enjoyed music, but SCOPE has totally opened me up to so many different types of music and artists. When I am not advising SCOPE, I enjoy spending time with my husband, being outdoors, watching a little reality tv (it might be my guilty pleasure…), and cooking!

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"An Interview with Joshua De Lanoit" by Elly Hofmaier

The day I gave my first real life interview was January 28th, 2018. I was disgustingly late and my iPhone stopped recording after 10 minutes. Luckily, my interviewee is as forgivin...

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SCOPE Selects: Volume 14

This week, general committee member, Kaitlyn Hicks crafted a playlist with plenty of electronic and hip-hop. This playlist includes the hip-hop likes of A$AP Mob, Joey Bada$$ and M...

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