SCOPE Presents... October 2015 Wrap-Up

The switch from October to November always feels like the largest jump in between any of the months. You take off the halloween costumes, throw away your rotting jack o'lanterns, and prepare for the month with an extra hour of sleep. You look ahead to Thanksgiving dinners, the chance of the first snowfall, and replace your pumpkin lattes with peppermint mochas. Looking too far ahead can be a little overwhelming so sit back and appreciate October for how great of a month it's been in music.

Check out our October 2015 Spotify Playlist. 65 hand-picked songs of some our favorite music from the month. 

October 2015 Highlights 

Hotline Bling

You can't spell October without 1800-Hotline-Bling. Drake's summer hit Hotline Bling blew up this month after the music video spurred some of the best internet memes.



Two albums in a year
After waiting three years for a new Beach House album, they released "Depression Cherry" in August. Two months later, Beach House announced they would be releasing another album in "Thank Your Lucky Stars" which came out earlier in October. Both are available now.


Hello, Adele

How do you break the record for fastest to 100 million views on a music video? Just be Adele. Adele released the first single off her upcoming album "25" and nearly broke the internet. Her new single "Hello" came out on the 23rd and has been making noise since the release.


Kanye West: Rapper, Producer and Fashion Designer

Rapper Kanye West's Yeezy Season 1 dropped earlier this month. Announced in February, the line officially was released and became a hot commodity within the hip-hop and fashion community. 


Chance the Rapper has everybody doing front flips

 What is cooler than announcing you're releasing a single with Stephen Colbert? Getting on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and killing an awesome performance. SCOPE Alum, Chance the Rapper released a new track entitled "Angels" on Colbert's show, then proceeded to announce that an upcoming track will feature Stephen Colbert. You can download "Angels" for free on iTunes.


Don't Forget About SCOPE

CHVRCHES rocked the Pentacrest. Our Homecoming Show of Mansion Air and CHVRCHES was on the 9th on the University of Iowa Pentacrest. Check out some pictures from the show below.

Herky 1

Herky blesses the stage before the CHVRCHES Homecoming show. Photo by Mohammad Cheetany.

Mansion Air 1

Mansion Air opens for CHVRCHES. Photo by Suri Huang.

Mansion Air 2

Mansion Air opens for CHVRCHES. Photo by Suri Huang.


CHVRCHES rocks the Pentacrest for the Homecoming Show. Photo by Suri Huang.


CHVRCHES rocks the Pentacrest for the Homecoming Show. Photo by Suri Huang.

Looking Ahead

As we move into farther into November, we can only hope to have as great of a month of music as October. With albums coming out from Grimes, Ellie Goulding and Adele we can expect some great releases.

Looking for some upcoming live music? Check out Iron & Wine.

 Sam Beam of Iron & Wine will be performing in the IMU Main Lounge, on Wednesday, November 11 at 7pm. Tickets can be bought on Ticketmaster or at the IMU Welcome Desk.


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