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Recap: Homecoming 2022


Our Homecoming 2022 show was one for the books! 'Twas a Halloweekend blast with a crowd full of costumes, all stoked to see NoSo and Sir Chloe. Couldn't make it out? Here's a recap for you!


NoSo was our outstanding opener, starting the show with some beautiful bedroom-pop meets indie-rock. Their first hit "Allie" got the crowd going, bringing excitement with its distinct acoustics. We also got to hear their debut album, Stay Proud of Me, in full – a very special experience. The dreaminess of the opening song, "Parasites," was perfect for this October night. NoSo delivered some strong vocals in "Sorry I Laughed" and we heard an exuberant array of strings in "I Feel Like a Woman Lately." You can get a smidge of the front-row experience here, a snippet from "Man Who Loves You." If you missed NoSo's act, they will also be performing in Chicago on November 17th. You have a second chance to hear their album live, don't miss out! Click here for more info.


Our head-banging headliner Sir Chloe lit up the crowd with their (garage) rockin' guitar and matching outfits (which you can see here.) The grunginess of their single "Company" was even more intense with their bass pulsing through the atmosphere. The same goes for "Mercy" – not to mention, it was a treat to hear Dana's sonorous singing in-person! The crowd calmed down a little bit (really, just a ˡᶦᵗᵗˡᵉᶦᵗ) as the band played their indie melody "Sedona". The banger "Michelle" was a blast to hear live, with everybody entranced by the raw vocals. And of course, it was ultra-amazing to hear my personal favorite "July" live and loud. Can't get enough of Sir Chloe? The band is performing in Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN later this month – more info here!

Post-show, SCOPE had an amazing time meeting with the sweethearts of Sir Chloe. We couldn't be happier with the concert turnout  and cannot wait for our next show! Follow our socials to stay informed of upcoming events:

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Thank you for reading! Special thanks to our Digital Marketing Director, Cat Dooley for providing some wonderful shots of this wonderful night.

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