Friday Five: February 3, 2017

Each week, SCOPE Productions will highlight five albums worth checking out. Since Friday is the industry standard for album releases each week, we'll showcase some of the best albums in a given week. For the week of February 3, 2017 we've got exciting releases from Big Sean, Sampha, Surfer Blood, Syd and Porcelain Raft.

Big Sean - I Decided.

Big Sean - I DecidedBig Sean has returned with his fourth studio album. After releasing a collaborative album with Jhené Aiko under Twenty88 last year, I Decided is a return to true hip-hop form for the G.O.O.D Music signee. I Decided features Eminem, Migos, The-Dream and Jeremih.

Sampha - Process

samphalabumcoverprocessAfter releasing Dual EP in 2014, Sampha has been plenty busy working with tons of artists. Process is Sampha's debut LP and encompasses many of the influences he's worked with in the past several years. Sampha has collaborated with Solange, Drake, Frank Ocean, and Kanye West. Even with all his outstanding work with different artists, Process is a record that stands on it's own. Pitchfork has rated Process 8.6 (Best New Music).  

Surfer Blood - Snowdonia

SnowdoniaAfter the loss of Surfer Blood guitarist Thomas Fekete to a rare stomach cancer in 2016, Surfer Blood has returned with their fourth full-length LP, Snowdonia. Snowdonia is the first album Surfer Blood album without Fekete but even without the talented guitarist, the band maintains their distinct sound. Snowdonia is a great indie rock release filled with the band's most mature songwriting and a continuation of the instrumentation that makes Surfer Blood most notable.

Syd - Fin

Syd Fin 1485878406 640x640Fin is the debut solo album from Syd. Syd, best known from her work with her group The Internet has branched out to make Fin. Syd who was formerly apart of the hip-hop collective Odd Future, showcases her talent with contemporary R&B. Fin mixes elements of hip-hop and R&B with strong, booming instrumentals throughout. Fin is not entirely a departure from her work from The Internet but hit single, "All About Me" exemplifies that this project is entirely about Syd.

Porcelain Raft - Microclimate 

a2484198721 10Microclimate is Porcelain Raft's third full-length LP. This album is filled with plenty emotion and exciting instrumentation. This dreamy indie rock album is filled with tons of imagery, that within each track the listener is able to escape for a brief second. Microclimate was recorded with Grizzly Bear and Beach House mixer/producer Chris Coady and is filled with elements reminiscent of both bands throughout.


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