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First Listen: The Arcs, 'Yours, Dreamily'

Can’t get enough of The Black Keys? Welcome to funk and soul nirvana. Yours, Dreamily comes in premiere of The Arcs, Dan Auerbach’s newest project after The Black Keys. Opening up with warnings from a doctor, Yours, Dreamily then launches into a full-fledged funk-lounge album, sure to send tingles of pleasure through the bodies of listeners both old and new. And what can one do to rid his or herself of this sensation than to sway and dance it out? The tracks are held together by grooving bass beats and hollow voices, creating the classic yet refreshing R&B slow jams that we all loved about Auerbach’s The Black Keys.

The sound of The Arcs can also be compared to that of the Arctic Monkeys by way of delayed, off-beat vocals and jazzy undertones reminiscent of the Monkeys’ ‘Knee Socks’ or ‘Arabella’. Well knit together, the record glides seamlessly from track to track, creating a landscape of cohesive slow jams. If you like The Black Keys, you’re sure to love The Arcs. And if you love The Arcs, you’re sure to have this record spinning along with the falling leaves this autumn.


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