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Battle of the Bands 2020

Every year, SCOPE Productions holds an annual Battle of the Bands. It’s been a SCOPE tradition for a long time. It kicks off the school year and our shows for the year. Usually, BOTB is outside on the IMU amphitheater. You would gather friends and head down there to watch some sweet bands play as the sun goes down. Then, at the end, one band would be crowned the winner of the Battle of the Bands. However, this year, things were obviously a little different. 

Battle of the Bands was one of our first projects this semester. It was a new team dealing with navigating COVID-19 and university policies. We were unable to host Battle of the Bands like we usually would, but luckily we put our heads together and made it happen virtually! We knew it was just too important of a tradition to give up. 

This year, we had a few amazing bands involved: TIGERDRIVER and Critical Mass. They took the time to film and submit pieces of them playing to showcase on this brand new content hub! 

Below you will find links to our Youtube featuring the videos. Both of these groups are super talented and we are grateful to have been able to collaborate with them, especially in a time like this, when a little new music can go a long way. 

This year, there is no winner: making it through 2020 is a win in and of itself. Both submissions were great, and we hope you all enjoy them as much as the SCOPE team did!